Signature Escape Experiences

Escape with Ānavi!

You can find already crafted experiences we can offer you via your email address such as Papua New Guinea, Himalaya and Antarctica adventures or enjoying wild white waters while canyoning in the second deepest World ‘ s canyon that is located in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful hidden gem of Montenegro, our destination wild beauty!

We offer a secret luxury picnic locations in Montenegro and an island of Ibiza, soon we will develop the same business branch on an island of Gods, Bali!

You can have your own yoga retreat in the mountains of Montenegro or on a sailing boat with your own yoga instructor and a healthy cuisine private chef .. paddle board yoga and yoga on a beautiful platform overlooking stunning Boka Bay of Montenegro can be provided on your demand as we will be more than glad to meet your requirements!

Secret dinner under the candle lights in a sexy Sahara desert or overlooking Boka Bay of Montenegro with food of your choice or with a chef on spot ?

Yoga retreat in a rustic Montenegrin house with its own natural cave ?

Picnic overlooking Es Vedrà ?

Private botox event in a stunning waterfront villa in Montenegro or a private wine tastings of the wines selection originating from a destination of your choice and beyond ?

An opportunity to meet silverback gorillas as well as golden monkeys in Rwanda but also let us hook you up with some good looking VVIP tickets for some of the most prestigious events on Globe like Paris Fashion Week, Cannes film festival etc.

Besides these, you would be able to let us know of your own preferences and wishes and we can craft an experience of your own!